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Facebook Womens T-Shirt

Celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Reese Witherspoon, Reese's Pieces, and others, have all taken to Facebook to participate in the 'Women Supporting Women' challenge. The campaign is about female solidarity and positivity and involves posting an image of you wearing either a shirt with the message "WomansSupport"I Support Women," and then tagging at least one female friend in your photo so that the campaign spreads like wildfire.

The campaign is organized by the Lindsay Alan Giguiere, Everyday Feminism, and aims to show women from all walks of life that there is more than one way to support women and promote gender equality. The 'Women Supporting Women' campaign comes as no surprise to many who have ever used Facebook to make friends, build relationships, and make new friends. And, since the campaign is being promoted with images of women in their most casual, everyday clothes, the challenge seems to be catching on.

Many of the celebrities involved in this campaign are posting images of themselves wearing shirts with a large "WomansSupport"I Support Women" message, along with a tagline that says something to do with their favorite women. In many of the photos posted, the women wearing the shirts are holding up signs that say something positive about women. One woman in Washington D.C. even posted a picture on Facebook with a sign reading "I Support Women," and she is wearing a "WomansSupport" T-shirt that she made herself!

The campaign's mission statement tells women what they can expect if they participate: "We are asking you to join the struggle for gender equality, because we know that it is not impossible. We have seen change happen in your communities, and now it is time for change to occur in yours."

While many people believe that the campaign is just a gimmick to attract attention to women on Facebook, it is hoped that this campaign will inspire more women to use online social media and learn here the Women Supporting Women Wellness to help fight the issues that affect women across the globe. While it has been noted that women often do not turn out to vote in large numbers, the fact that there are more women running for local offices and city council, for example, shows how big of a role online social networking plays in making decisions and how the world works.

In order to take part in the "Women Supporting Women" campaign, all women should become an official fan of Everyday Feminism using the "Like" button on Facebook. If a woman already has an account, she should encourage her friends to "Like" her page, too, in order to spread the word to their friends. The more "Like" s that are posted on the page, the more exposure the campaign will get.

The "Women Supporting Women" Facebook page will remain active throughout the day and will be updated throughout the campaign as more women share photos and messages of women wearing the shirts. Every time a woman posts an image on the page, she is participating in a huge social experiment that aims to spread awareness of the causes and goals that women everywhere share, and support. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:

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