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With millions of followers on Facebook alone, Lindsay Alan Giguiere can be easily found online. A-list celebrities are tweeting some positivity from social media! The newest Instagram craze is #challenged, in which women post a black-and white photo with the words "support"accepted" tagged to others in order to motivate them to support each other. This photo-sharing trend will definitely make people smile!

How do you find a beautiful picture that supports your views? Many women post photos to their friends and other social media sites on their favorite places, but do they share these pictures with their fans? Most women who post this kind of picture are women in need. The image that motivates these women is a beautiful one that allows us to see the "bigger" woman. One example of this is when a woman finds herself lost and begins to cry. In this picture she is supported by her friends by posting a beautiful photo showing that they were there for her and that they are her strength.

Another example is when a woman is feeling lonely and depressed. She takes a photo to help her feel better. When she has a group of her friends over her often posts this photo, and they become the support she needs. It can be a very personal image and the support it brings can be so powerful!

Some of these photos are simply meant to get others excited to support a woman in need, or simply an encouragement to show that they are in awe of a woman's strength. A photo posted on a friend's page or posted on another woman's page can be a wonderful way to motivate a woman. The photos that spark this support often have captions, which let us know what the photo represents. This can be a great way to connect with others who share a similar sentiment as you, making it easier for you to reach out for support.

There are many online Women Supporting Women Wellness where women can meet up and network with each other. Women have been known to use these communities to meet up with each other, either on a social website or in real life. If you are looking for women who are in need, there are several Facebook pages specifically designed for women in your area. They provide support and friendship opportunities. You can join these groups and meet new people, make new friends, and learn new things about the women in your community and their experiences.

We all need to make time to support those we love and to have a few minutes in our own lives to say how much we appreciate them. Sometimes all it takes is a simple photo to remind us how important our own lives are. It's never too late to let yourself know how much you love someone! Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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